Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Philippine Horticultural Society's Laboratory and its aim of species preservation

Headed by the humble and yet funny Ray Ong. He has started the cultivation as well as the training of people to get into laboratories for business as well as preservation of natural species of plants and flowers.

They have samples of the plants they are propagating though different means.

They also different materials to show that doing lab work doesn't need expensive company made flasks and equipment. They went with the practical and made most of their stuff on their own including the medium and the storage devices.

Here they show us where they do most of the work. They have simple set-ups and is still on the process of making things better.

If you are interested you can contact them and learn how to set up your very own plant laboratory in case you want to go into business. In Taiwan and Thailand orchid propagation on this scale earns thousands of dollars every year. And you don't even need thousands just to start one.

See how they use recycling in this place? Smart.

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