Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Horti-Kultura Extravaganza 2015: Yaman sa Paghahalaman

We started off with a little tour of some of the other places in the area. But what first started the tour was the floats that used at the opening of the show.

The entrance fee is very minimal (Php 20.00) and you get to see rare plants and  flowers. If you are interested they have live lectures and raffles happen as the day goes by. So your payment gets you more than anything else.

GMA is giving some freebies as you sign up.

One of the lectures given by the Philippine Horticultural Society.

Like with any shows each display has a theme and is decorated with ribbons. Ribbons show which of the palnts have won and if the whole exhibit itself has won anything.

I saw a nice tuxedo cat. The people say he is nice and indeed he is.

Then we also have reptiles. I don't understand the reason they also need to put animals in a plant show. But my guess is they needed more ways to attract people to come in.

There is also a commercial area where you can buy some of the same plants on display. They are reasonably priced and is of good quality. You can get some discounts from some sellers as well if you buy a lot.

Some more of the animals at the show.

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