Friday, August 19, 2016

Casa Santa for your daily dose of Christmas!

The Philippines is one country that is crazy about Christmas. It is often said that the longest celebration happens in this mostly Catholic country. 

So if you are already excited about Christmas then you should head to Jardin de Miramar. Inside is where you an experience Christmas in a house called Casa Santa

The outside looks like a ginger bread house, something again associated with the holiday There are Santa's already on the outside with pine cones hanging from the ceiling. 

Once you go in, you will marvel at the scale of the collection. Everything you see is Santa. In all shapes and sizes. Truly amazing!

Santa Claus is something that is often associated with Christmas, He has somewhat become a patron Saint of the holiday. Santa comes in many forms and is also expressed in many ideas as he comes in contact with many people and nationalities.

Here at Casa Santa, Santa will never tire you. From small things to big ones.

Every nook and cranny has Santa in it. You must keep your eyes on each of the small or often put together figurines. Because they might be something rare and interesting.

There is also a Christmas village set up with beautiful blue lighting. Again the details are interesting.

There are snow globes.

They also decorated the restroom for Santa. 

Santa expressed as Matryoshka dolls.

Then there is this cute Santa help.

A Santa bed to keep you warm and comfy.

The place is something kids will love and adults will feel nostalgic about.

We are told that this small place is a favorite for kids who go this holiday get away.

Easter eggs? Yes they are.

And Santa also goes into serious stuff like chess.

We just need some real snow and everything will fall into place. But then again can we survive snow? Let's just look unto this wall for that feel. 

So? What are you waiting for? Time to go first to this Casa Santa before it gets crowded with guests for the holiday. Be like me. Go there early so you can have some good time with Santa.

Remember this place is just thirty minutes away from Ortigas. So its not that far for Santa lovers.

Casa Santa

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