Thursday, February 11, 2016

Minasa Festival, Sto. Nino and Heritage Houses: Lakad Pamana Tour (Part 1)

Another great town from Bulacan has opened its door to its rich culture, history, heritage and amazing food.

The tour starts at the Plaza Bustos Bulacan.

The Bustos Heritage Park is a nice quaint place where you can experience fun and art in one place. Do not think of anything like the mall. This is the country side. They are not that stupid and gullible with consumerist lifestyle yet.

Registration is straight-forward and easy. And all of the participants are awesome.

I am here to see what Bustos has to offer and the things that might make the place apart from the rest of historically rich Bulacan.

Here they have their library but sadly it was closed.

We were able to go to the New Museum showing some of the things that make Bustos famous. The food and its historical houses. Even their own dam.

Here are some arrowroot for making their minasa, a kind of cookie.

There is artwork.

Then the places to see shown in wonderful pictures.

Of course there are crafts and art.

Here is a really wonderful representation of the old Municipal Hall of Bustos. I wish they have retained its wonderful earthy look.

Then there is literature to read about Bustos and its Festival. BTW we are going to join the Minasa Festival.

I think these are cooking implements. Their looks tell of their age and how much they have been used.

As Postcard and snail mail fans me and my friend saw the Post Office of Bustos. It's small and annoyingly yellow but decent. The post boxes are easily accessible.

You may have seen the big minasa called the Las Minasa Gigantes. They are big but sadly inedible. They are newly inaugurated for these events.

Of course we are at the very end of the festivities according this big event tarpaulin. Their marketing of the Festival is quite good.

Here is the current Municipal Hall. It's small and looks like an old building in need of better standing. It needs to be more bold to say that this is the seat of our government.

There are lots of trees in the area. Good for people who just want to relax at a public space since I know that the evils of commercial mall have not reaches this humble place.

Then we are welcomed to the home of the mayor and his family. They have tons of plants, flowers, orchid, cacti and succulents and some vintage intems. It's a house who knows beauty and good health.

We went around the house to see their plants.

A nice vintage car. Don't ask me what kind of car it is. I just know its old and is in good condition.

It's a scale but I wonder how one uses it.

A calesa awaits its horse at the back the house.

You will never be alone at the back of the house with these life sized statues and their roofed abode.

Cookings pots and laundry pans. These are quite old and would make some people burst into tears, especially the old ones with nostalgia.

They have their religious images or santos at the front of the house.

Interesting piece of musical instrument. Sadly no one seems to play it.

Here is a last supper scene it statues instead of a painting or a picture. One of the enduring signs you have entered a Filipino home. This one occupying a room.

There are interesting muebles or home fixtures.

Tilapia crunch? Looks interesting.

Outside we even tried the Pan de Bustos. It's like pan de sal but creamier and much buttery. The bread is also dense compared to the pan de sal you can buy near your homes.

I found a map of Bustos at the entrance to the Municipal Hall.

Part 2, I will show you as I go in to the Municipal Hall.

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