Thursday, January 28, 2016

69th Mid-Year Philippine Orchid Show by the Philippine Orchid Society

August 3, 2015, and it's once more the Philippine Orchid show. By this time waking up is no longer a problem but the problem arises because I have to leave the show as soon as possible for we need to fetch our Buddhist Master at the airport.

It's another great day to see beautiful flowers and plants.

I have taken the liberty of taking pictures of winning flowers and plants and some of them are native or just plain unique.

This arrangement has tons of Waling-waling.

We also have cacti and succulents

As usual there is a flower arranging contest and all the winners and participants are put on display.

The tour also covers other areas in Quezon Memorial Circle like the Quezon Heritage House and the Quezon Shrine.

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sarah taylor said...

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