Friday, February 12, 2016

Minasa Festival, Sto. Nino and Heritage Houses: Lakad Pamana Tour (Part 2)

Now I go into the small Municipal Hall of Bustos. It's tight and fully functional. Again with many government offices the restrooms needs a real good clean. It stinks.

The Municipal Hall could also get an overhaul on how it looks and presents itself. True to its history and function.

The insides as I was told is more in keeping to the original look of the Municipal Hall. The grandstaircase with its big painting captures you.

Looking up you see the different leaders of the Municipality til the present.These are the people who helped contribute to the Municipalities history.

The mayors office is simple guarded by old grill works and simplicity.

Here is the bigger picture of that great mural showing some of the interesting places and events that shaped the Municipality of Bustos.

With this post you have the complete names of the places in Bustos. Really interesting places of naming baranggays. Unlike some of the places in the Philippines where an area is named with boring numbers. Yes, that is Manila.

In front of the Municipal Hall is this wonder. A monument made more interesting by installed art showing again some of the historical events that happened in Bustos. If you want to know the story then you should join the tour.

After the wait here comes the parade. The parade is lead by the Church for its also the celebration of the Sto. NIno as well as the Minasa. There is dancing, music and creativity. People made great efforts on making and showing their images of the Sto. Nino. I have no idea how many were present and here are some of the images during the parade.

Now that is a procession. Fun and with respect to the image being honored. Unlike the feast in Manila where the main event is drinking and killing each other. Sorry but I have a bias for these simple people and their wonderful way of life.

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Every society has its own culture. But celebrating them keeps us united.
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