Friday, January 22, 2016

The New Quezon Memorial Shrine

Under the big pylon of 66 feet is a Museum that has been recently upgraded and presented better. It's FREE for the public.

The doors have an art deco feel and at the same time represents something wonderful to be found inside.

Here is the historical marker.

The Museum is divided into galleries. Unlike two years ago where exhibits were placed in chaotic manner. I also think they have added some exhibits as well.

The museum is more interactive and is accessible for everyone, young and old.

Galley one talks about the young days on Manuel L. Quezon.

There is a short video presentation about the President.

Gallery two talks about his first year as a public servant.

Here is a room where many of the things owned by the First Lady is kept, which includes dresses and gifts from his and her friends.

Gallery three is about the Commonwealth Government.

Here you have an idea on how his office would be arranged. It also includes some of his personal things.

This is one huge dry seal.

This looks like a Chinese version of the Ark but this is a depository of the Commonwealth constitution.

Here you can hear a an actor delivering a speech done by Quezon. It's a hologram.

Gallery four talks about World War II, which has impacted the presidency of Quezon and even his own life.

The last Gallery V is the legacy left by Quezon to the people and the city.

Of course at the heart of the Shrine is the tomb of Manuel L. Quezon and his wife.