Tuesday, February 3, 2015

JJ Lin and his music

There was a time I got addicted to Jay Chou and Ann Bai as well as other artists like Indila and Sido. For more than a month now I have been listening to much of JJ Lin's music.

I downloaded and watched much of his music to my phone. Since there isn't much on my phone then I decided to listen to it.

It's always by accident that I found artists, usually on youtube.

That is If only by JJ Lin a Singaporean artist now based in Taiwan. His music for me me is quite good and doesn't go mediocre even as I listened to hsi earliest album. He has been around for sometime and is one of the treasures I found. Too bad I have no idea on what he says. He also sings in English and has made an album for iTunes in English.

There seems to be more to his songs when it transforms into videos, There is a story that draws you in.

He also knows how to have fun.

So I hope that makes you listen more. Subscribe to his posts on youtube. It's worth it.

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