Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bulacan Culinary and Heritage Tour (Part 3)

This time my camera went battery low. It's a good thing my phone camera was OK. So for the meanwhile while my camera charges on my bag I was able to take some pictures with my new Asus Zenfone 4. The camera is decent with pictures as we move on.

We pass the Casa Rea to the small historic bridge leading to the other Church - the Malolos Cathedral.

Like any other place the Plaza is where the Church and the government buildings are found as well as the houses of the rich. The Minor Basilica is not the original anymore for the old one was burned during the battle against the Americans.

The Church was given to the Immaculate Conception showing the status of this place. Only rich towns and places have Churches named after the Immaculate Conception like the city of Manila and Metropolitan Cathedral.

The Century tree stands in the coutryard of the Church bearing witness to the people and events that have happened to this place. There are few statues that stand under the tree.

Here are pictures taken around and inside the Church of Malolos:

After that we started walking the area for the old houses.

This is the other Bautista House. The scultpures are local but the artists are already unknown.

Then we are welcomes to the house of one of the ladies of Malolos. Remember they are the women metioned by Rizal asking for education from the Spanish government.

Of course we further learned about the women's movement here in this shouse and also had our breakfast. The house is spacious and grand.

During that time people had a lot of wonderful hobbies and created much with their hands. The same applies with their food. All done in slow cooking and without much hurry.

There is a well inside the compound.

Then there is the house of Luis Santos, all in its glory of Art Deco.

There is a fountain made by Guillermo Tolentino

Now I hd to switch to the camera. It's charged already.

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