Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bulacan Culinary and Heritage Tour (Part 2)

Our journey has just started and there are still many things to see and experience. History is alive and well in Bulacan and every where there is a place of history tucked in small areas. This is also a place of heroism and at the same time faith.

Here we continue to the house of Jose Cojuanco. We were only allowed a look from the gates and not within. The house was moved further in and I even saw some piedra china lying outside.

I also took pictures of other houses nearby.

We made a stop at the house of Antonio Bautista which is directly in front of the Casa Real.

We are told that on this spot before was the house of one of the ladies of the Bishop of Malolos. The house no longer stands but the old walls are still there.

Here are some pictures taken from the house of Antonio Bautista. The house is full of things made by Isabelo Tampinco.

This house is full of treasures from one of the best artists of Manila.

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