Friday, November 7, 2014

The Starbucks planner and the idea of charity.

Source: Starbucks Facebook page

OK its November and while people started their days at the cemetery. Some people wake-up to the taste of over-priced coffee that many so called Pinoy love so dearly. And since its the first day of the introduction of the so called holy grail of coffee idiots, many of them would actually try to be the first one to have their very own over-rated planner that most probably would just be a symbol that I am such a fucking idiot.

Then again the Starbucks apologists would argue for the true value of the coffee they drink and how much pleasure they get from it. Maybe its the same pleasure they get when they get fucked in the ass. I am not sure what.

Another argument is that having and joining this useless activity would be helping the charity of Starbucks who has many programs for this and that. Or its just one way of making their tax minimal by just giving a few once in a while. Some even used that such is the same with ALS bucket challenge and I said yes its true. The deal is if they really want to help they just need to fucking help. No shit dramas like this and all.

Anyways, we know the deal. People really don't give a fuck about what I said earlier. What they want is to have the planner as soon as possible, like that stupid woman who tried to have it in just one day. People want to have the planner as a status symbol and again I bet many people will not even really use them as planner. The same way that people use their so called Bibles at home. It's all just a show. A farce.

Now Starbucks is happy. Thanks for drinking mother fuckers!

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