Saturday, November 1, 2014

After all that has been said and done

OK it seems this blog got some people interested. This blog is a personal blog of a bigot. The word there is BIGOT. Let me make things easy here.

BIGOT accordingly means: a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

I will not say sorry even though sometimes I think my opinions are really wrong. That is my perspective and view of people on others are the same. I don't go around the planet talking about my belief. I just write them here so I won't forget. Because honestly I have a tendency to forget things.

I am also an idiot. I know that but I don't go around the world claiming to be wise. I don't pretend to be anything and I also don't pretend to be nice. I've tried being nice and I learned that that is just stupid.

My opinions are of my own and is not the same with my friends. In fact I don't share many things and stuff to my friends. This blog is also limited for there are things I would not dare write for the mere fact that I thinking about them is just evil. Plain evil.

I don't care about what people would say about me. That is their opinion, it may be wrong it may be right but that is their right. But I guess people worry when I got something to say about them. Me, a nobody and asshole.

Somehow that makes me a little happy.I et many cannot handle that.

I stay as me. Love it or hate it.

For the new viewers of this blog this song is dedicated to you:

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