Friday, November 14, 2014

Day 4: Starbucks challenge: What is the Starbucks Charity thing?

I am not a fan of the Frappe version of their drinks. Even at its heyday before I only got hot coffee most of the time. This time I got the Toffee Nut Latte. And again people are lining up for their fucking stickers.

Starbucks with its partner UNICEF made a program for children called SparkHope, which it says aims to help in the education of children in the rural areas. But the most surprising fact is that only Php 50.00 goes into each of the stupid planner each customer gets. I find that quite disturbing. Also there is the fact that the report they give on the project is almost minimal and doesn't include any real studies.

Here is an exerrpt from the net about the project. Sounds nice but I am not entirely sure.

They helped spark hope in communities:
Starbucks together with UNICEF launched SparkHope, a giving-back-to-the community programme that allows each Starbucks store in the Philippines to adopt a barangay and provide for early childhood care and stimulation for children below six years old in that barangay.
A SparkHope corner can be found in every Starbucks store. It shows photos of the adopted barangay and information on UNICEF's early childhood care and development programme. A donation drop box can also be found there.
Customers earned stamps for drinks they purchased. After earning a specified number of stamps, customers can redeem an annual planner. For each planner, UNICEF receives a P50 donation.
Since November 2004, the SparkHope project has raised close to
P1.7 million for UNICEF's early childhood care programme and for the victimes of the December tsunami.


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