Friday, November 14, 2014

Is collecting about rarity?

Some people like be special and be the only one to have something. They want to be the only person who has something. True that rarity gives something value because you might be the only one who has it. It doesn't matter what you have rare, be it a book, stamp, toy or even postcard. These days anything can have a value depending on whom you are talking with.

One problem we have is that many Pinoys are ignorant about past hobbies, especially collecting stuff that was popular years ago.

But what gets me really pissed is when people rub their shit on you about the rarity of their so called collections. I for one think, Fuck you! I don't care! That is your and you keep that shit.

Again collecting is just a fucking a hobby. A distraction from the shit of life. Nothing more. It also doesn't make anyone especial unless you have the Holy Prepuce of Jesus.

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