Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Walk with Chan Food Tour and Royal Heritage Postal Tour (August 17, 2014)

It started to rain before the start of the event. I was up early and went to the place on my own with the intention of hearing the mass. I was able to hear mass but wasn't able to finish. I have to meet the other guys at the front of the Church. Good thing the rain has already stopped. 

The tour starts at the wonderful Sta. Cruz Church often neglected these days by people and forgetting how much history has happened around this area. The nice thing about this walking tour is that you just pay for the food you eat and nothing almost goes to to the guide. You also get your eyes and brain filled with history.

We even got to see this filming of something. Things are happening in this place.

We went to Escolta and saw some of the sights and places that are still around. Many places here are private and will not allow any person to just barge in. Yes, they are exclusive.

We went inside the First United Building.

Then there is the disturbing reality of Manila -poverty and decay everywhere. Whatever happened to the glorious Manila?

Calvo building has an interesting mini-museum. It houses some of the history of Escolta.

Calvo's collection of magazines, photos, posters and even bottles of the yester years are just a treasure to be hold.

Then we headed off to the real thing - food.

First stop is Pancietria Antigua, established 1888, is considered the oldest restaurant in the country. Rumored to be a favorite of Rizal and other heroes of the revolution. The place was also mentioned in the book El Filibusterismo. Rizal is have said to have liked their asado.

We then got some dessert at Sincerity. This place is simple and nice with a very nice owner. She is simple and very generous to us. So we keep coming back and their food is good.

That was fun but the day is not yet done with me since there is another tour after a few minutes. We went back to the Post Office and met the other guys.

Then I saw the resident cats of the Post Office.

I also took chance to send postcards and see the things that are for auction.

Then off we go to the Juan LUna E-services building, which used to be a bank. It also shows some interesting views of Manila and the soon to be gone El Hogar building.

We also chanced upon the old Panciteria Macanista de Buen Gusto. Now an abandoned place one of the few mentioned in Noli Me Tangere. Then there is also the shocking Binondo Church and its so called make-over.

And ended the day with a little more food at Yi Pin.

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