Thursday, October 30, 2014

The old and fascinating La Loma Cemetery at Undas 2014

I have always dreamed of seeing this place. I can stay here and admire how people of the Philippines used to pay respects to the dead. I was excited to see the old chapel as well as old tombs.

The first tomb I saw with its huge angel was a clear sign that this place will have tons of treasure that I will be more familiar compared to when I was at the Chinese Cemetery.

Built during the last years of the Spanish in the Philippines its one of the places that were able to survive the destruction of World War II and is one of the places to see old architecture and art.

Many Family names are unique and special. And often I wonder if any descendant is still alive. I often assume that people in history often leave no trace. But of course that is untrue. Family names may vanish but there mere fact that they had children surely means someone is related to such great names.

Some tombs are unfamiliar to me but then they call out as if saying remember us for once we were also part of the living. Surnames and inscritions of DOM and phrases in Spanish and Latin.

Many tombs stripped of its contents but its former glory still shines through the grit and grime and memories etched in stone.

These two statues remind me of the Muses by Francesco Monti soon to be gone at the Metropolitan Theater of Manila.

Then there are the old tombs that you pay for a certain time and again. Most of them have seen the horrors of the war despite the colors and the ever new dead bodies they contain.

This one I assume is a doctor by that staff of Aesculapius still visible. Older tombs seem to be more sturdy and stronger than the new ones.

Then the heart of the cemetery despite being stripped of its contents and purpose looms high and proud. Years of neglect and abuse of the so called conservationist are evident with the structure. I was lucky to take pictures of the inside as people are cleaning.

Tomb stones can also be found inside. I was told that the contents of the simboryo has been transferred to the new one. That is the bad thing sometimes when you are part of the group. You miss a lot of things. I surely can get more out of this place if I travel alone.

I also wish they save these columns from crumbling into nothing. I bet most of those conservationist will just post online.

Beyond this wall of dead is the Chinese Cemetery where non-Catholics and heretics are buried.

A new tomb shows an emoticon. Quite an interesting one on such an old place for the dead.

The old between the new, the new between the old. Proves that this cemetery is still relevant and important to many Filipinoes.

I wanted to go inside this Mausoleum Di Sto. Entiero. Surrounded by tombs of the dead on its wall as well as murals from the Bible. Topped with sculptures of Saints. Inside there is a stairs going up but the couple at the front says its off limits. Why the hell didn't I ask if I can take a peek inside?

Being a Catholic Cemetery it has also become the fimal resting place of nuns and priests.

This tombs must had some problem with its angel missing his trumpet and its tops just thrown at the sides.

This mighty angel once stood with a sword in hand.

Then last we saw these line of big tombs quite abandoned and locked. I didn't take a peek inside because something tells me not to. lolz

A canon in a cemetery is one thing you should not miss.

I wanna go back once more because I have not seen the really old tombs. I know they are here and we just missed them because of waiting and all that drama when you are with other people.

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