Thursday, October 30, 2014

Manila Chinese Cemetery for Undas 2014

It's All Saints Day again and here I am sharing some of the things I have experienced this Saturday, October 25, 2014.

It was early when I arrived at Blumentritt. I was about an hour earlier. I was able to have breakfast and even see this Church. I didn't attend the mass.

The streets were packed early with veggies, and stuff a regular market would have and so are some cats. Cute little things to start the day.

We were not able to start on time but we (together with two friends) started the journey with the Chinese Cemetery. Like any cemetery the street going to the gates are lines with the needed stuff you need for the dead. You have candles, flowers, incense and even colored paper. Of course even your paper money.

Like any other area the place is alive and resident live nearby and of course inside the cemetery. We were greeted by these fellow dog and cats.

We entered the south gate but not the same way as the monkey king did during his attack of heaven. lolz/ We just walked under the gate and saw the many houses for the dead.

There were places for the common Chinese folks and...

mansions for those who can afford them beyond the grave. In fact there were tons of mausoleums in this place some look like temples, churches anything and they have it. Go crazy and most probably its been made.

Each mausoleum is guarded by foo dogs.

There is an arch that honors those who have died under the bloody rule of the Japanese.

Everything is a big Chinese display of characters without much explanation on what is written. Although some monuments will have a translation in English but those are for the VIPs of this cemetery.

Rows of foo dogs stand as guards

Here is another monument for people who have fought the Japanese. There is a museum at the building at the back but I was informed that it is always closed.

Looks like a regular neighborhood but these are mausoleums. 
Each mausoleums would have these places for burning stuff for the dead. God knows what stuff the Chinese burn for their dead.

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Here is the tomb of the mami King with his two wives - Ma Mon Luk

Another feature always present is a plaque for the God of the underworld. It is said that offerings must be given to him first.

Here is the former tomb of Apolinario Mabini with all the trappings of a mason. I just realized that many of the Filipino heroes are masons and will not be allowed a proper burial at a Catholic Cemetery.

A monument to another Japanese victim of war.

There are a few of these traditional Chinese tombs. This is actually one of the few with intricate details despite years of neglect.

The architectural styles are all different despite some of the tombs being already abandoned and left alone to rot or be housing for people.

This mausoleum is nice with its details and tile pieces and even the 3D effect of its peacocks and arches.

The biggest tomb in the area belongs to the Yoo Clan of which Mother Lily is part of. It even features the head of their family with a statue.

A temple dating to 1850s is also found in this hallowed grounds. Called the Chong Hock Tong Temple (宗福堂), with a very unique design and syncretism of Chinese and Catholic images.

Here is the crematorium.

Liat See Tong (Martyrs Hall) is found near the temple.

There were also monuments that stick out like these two who have inscriptions in Spanish.

Then there is the memorial of those who died from the collapse of Ruby Tower. Honestly I don;t know about such a tower and no one talks about it even But it must have been huge since its commemorated with such a structure.

The interesting stucture in the middle way back is said to be that of Dee Cheng Chuan, a banker. It lords over some other tombs.

Chinese put colored paper on their tombs as a sign that someone has already visited a grave. This one is interesting for the colored tiles used.

Then we say goodbye to this wonderful place of memory with me taking a picture of this kitten.

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