Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Naked Truth versus 69 Bachelors

I think September is a time for people who love looking and drooling at men and boys. In a country of faith that is sacred and holy. The sinful seems to be better done.

I was shocked that aside from the religious criticism Bench's #TheNakedTruth Underwear and Denim Fashion is the one dealing with Coco Martin with a woman on a leash.

In many countries a fashion show is just a fashion show. Models walk down the run way without much gimick than what they are wearing, even the famous Victoria secret maintains itself as a fashion show. But not the Bench show which is actually a show to show the male bulge.

The video uploaded by one person proves its not about the clothes but more of the male meat. The women were just accessories to the crime of fashion. lolz

On the other hand there is the Cosmo Bachelors Bash. This show was catered for the women but to the gay community as well. The show is honest and it just gives the pleasure of people looking at the male bodies in all their glory. There is no need for the bullshit of fashion show.

Well I hope Becn becomes more honest like the Cosmo thing. But then again what do I give a fuck? lolz

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