Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Cagsawa ruins myth

I was often told and maybe most Filipinoes and even the Historical marker that the Mayon Volcano completely buried the Church of Cagsawa and the only thing left was the bell tower. Even the media talks about it as a historical fact.

When I was small I often wondered and imagined it was a big Church. What about the town of Cagsawa? Completely buried?

The commemorative marker states the following:

Church of Cagsaua

The spiritual administration of Cagsaua from 1587 to 1595 was under the Parish of Camalig. An early Church was burned, 26 July 1636, by the Dutch who ransacked the bay. This Church built after 1724 by Fray Francisco Blanco OFM was buried by rocks and lava during the eruption of Mayon Volcano, 1 February 1814. The authorities of Cagsaua meeting at Ligao, 6 July 1814 decided to incorporate their town as part of Daraga. The first centenary of the destruction of the Church was commemorated, 1 February 1914, with a huge pilgrimage to the ruins where high mass was celebrated.

But looking and comparing of the old photos of the ruins shows that the Church was never buried under lava or any volcanic material. The bell tower is just small and appropriate for the small church which was able to retain parts of its facade for sometime until this day where the part that remains is the bell tower.

The Cagsawa Church was never underground with lava. 

I wish the media does its research furthermore and books be updated. I know this is just a small matter but for me its a lot.

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