Thursday, October 9, 2014

How I embellish my blank Papemelroti postcard

Papemelroti has started to create postcards on our request as postcard collectors and senders. They are also encouraging people to creat their own postcards with their very own designs. I am not an artists and inspired by a post on I gave it a shot and boy did many people like my simple postcards.

First of all you need to buy some blank postcards from Papemelroti because they are recycled and have been lined at the back.

Generally, I use medium yarns because they are the most prevalent yarn in the country. I also use a 5 mm knitting needle. You need to cast on 25 stitches and then build-up from there. I often just make a stockinette or a garter stitch pattern. Those are easy to make but you can experiment with other patterns.

I am not really a person who deals with too much details. So I had to measure the length of my knit from time to time. (I do this with all the knit postcards I make.)

Using a single holed puncher I make holes on the sides of the postcard. I like the rustic feel so I don't measure here and I just use instincts and punch away.

I also embellish my postcards with crocheted flowers. Sorry that is just the pattern I know now but will also try other patterns in the future. You can add pieces of fabric as well. Be creative. Make a collage or something.

Get another colored yarns and then put your pieces together. BTW its easier to put embellishments on your knit before stitching things together.

Here is one finished knit postcard. My instructions are simple so you can make your postcards on your own. If you have questions on the knitting part don't feel shy to ask me.

Here is the back where you place your stamps, notes or what have you.

Question: Does the postcard survive the travel?

Amazingly, yes it does survive being sent naked. (That is without an envelop.)

Do not forget my friend to send the postcard you make since that is the point of this blog. Make someone you know happy.

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