Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blogapalooza (2014) for the Bigot

It was my first time to attend due to the insistence of my friend Pinoy atheist. Actually I signed up for the event but somehow I got lost after the registration. There was no e-mail or what have you. Not even an orb or apparition of the Lady. So I lost interest and even during the day itself it took a lot for my friend to bring me to the event.

We came in late and at the registration I was able to confirm that the registration works. Cool. We usher in the venue. Like any trade fair or what have it has those standard cubicles. 

At first I was lost at what to do. There were the standard places where you can take your fucking selfies. I ignored all of that. 

It was like going to a Halloween trick or treat only in here you have to sign in at every booth for loot bags and treats. Like many such events many bloggers just came here for the loot bags. I came here just to see things and if there are free stuff why not. 

There was food for everyone the problem is that there seems to be no water or drinks to be had except for that beer booth which I had tried for the thirst of it. 

There was an ongoing program at the stage of which I just ignored. I was too busy looking at things. There was one celebrity I saw at the Flawless booth and they were kind enough to give me their freebies even if I sucked hard at their balloon thingy. 

I also danced like an idiot for an umbrella but too bad we were able to just get a bag. 

I went home with lots of papers and stuff from the nice people at the booths. They were all nice and easy despite being at the event for a long time. And indeed in any blogging event there is no such thing as late because I have seen people come late. 

The event is like a party for kids except there were no kids but bloggers. 

I took some pictures and lots of other stuff on my way home. 

I saw a couple of friend and the opportunity for selfies are encouraged much to my disgust. But at least some of the booths were kind enough to ask if I wanted to do such. I always replied with a big, NO. 

By the way, the event has held by WhenInManila with the following booths:

* Ace Hotels and Suites
* Acer Smartphones
* Ah!
* Bioessences8
* BrainFit Studios
* Canon
* Chooks to Go
* Crocs
* Dr. Kong
* Dyson
* Eagle's Wings Enterprises
* Easy Taxi
* Essays.ph
* Gaming Library
* Thinkscape
* Henry's Professionals
* House of Lasagna
* Ideal Vision
* Maxicare
* My Shopping Box
* Chips Ahoy
* Sample Room
* Sky Cable
* SPI Health and Nutrition
* Victoria Court
* Eat Out Manila
* View Park Hotel
* Vikings
* Zion Wifi
* Zomato

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