Friday, October 24, 2014

Deliverance or further enslavement: A list of sins according to one Born-again Church

An office file serves usually contains files needed for work. It's the place where we put books for classes as well as some other reports. But then again you will see people put other things like movies, music and pictures.

I was foraging the files when I saw a folder with the name bible. Looks innocent enough and within the folder is another one called deliverance.

It looks like a list of things a person must be sorry for and must acknowledge and the accept Jesus as a personal savior. You know the drama and fuck most of these born-agains say.

It's composed of four files and the two files are actually the same. I have no idea why one is called short and the other long.

WARNING! This is not for the faint of heart. 

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These people made sure that you are guilt ridden that you will think you need saving and salvation they can only offer. It's the classic game of someone cutting you and then selling you the band-aid

These is also this list of the so called fruits and roots of evil. I can say who ever made this list is an evil person. I also wanted to see for myself of what kind of a sick person this is. Why demonize people who are not the same as you? I say that is pure evil.

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