Friday, October 24, 2014

AgriLink 2014 at the World Trade Center

It was the so called AgriLink. I thought to myself this would be a bore but I still want to see how the sector is living up to the age of technology and department stores as well as the rising condos and malls.

When I arrived at the World Trade Center the whole place was packed. It's a place where you see dirty looking farmers but it seems that business is still good with the sector.

I have seen foreign investors during the event. From all sorts of plants and animals as well as things that would make their production better.

Politicians also never miss the chance to shove their faces on the event. How fucking annoying!

The event is free and is open for everyone. You just need to register and you will even be given an ID. I wonder how much money from the government or wherever is used in this event.

There are booths selling and promoting this and that. Like any trade event there are booths that give away this and that. My friends got plants, seedlings and even fishes.

There are raffles and promos for products and its also a nice venue to venture if you want to have a feel and need to start business with the agricultural sector.

But then again, with such an event you just get a glimpse. I say it's a superficial. We know the agricultural sector is in deep shit because of the Department of Agriculture.

With freebies and food around you can go with an empty stomach but again there are things you wouldn't try if your stomach is weak.

I guess I am going to next year's AgriLink. But then again I am not taking things because they are free. I take things that I want.

Kabuteng Saging should be renamed penis mushroom

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