Thursday, September 25, 2014

The 35th Manila International Bookfair: Another religious event

Sometimes I really have to think twice about going to this event. First, worry are those fucking stupid cosplayers I really hate the fact that such a serious event becomes a joke with plain minded freaks called the Filipino cosplayers. Then there is a worry of not buying anything. Yes, there are discounts but what would I do with Christian books? While other books are just the same price as you buy them at the store on normal days.

But then again I pulled myself from sleep and went to the fair. At least this time Bookmark was selling postcards for one pesos. That was a great find for me.

I also saw this nice store where they sell nice shirts, they are Christian but I don't care, shirts are cheap and well designed.

Here are the pictures I took of the event. Again its more of a religious event for me with all these Christians, priests and nuns walking all around the area.

I also realized that being a nobody is much better. I just have an obligation to myself. So what if I cannot cross lines as a media person. As long as I can do what I want that matters. Buying books, tshirts and even postcards. And now saying what I have in mind without even thinking about if I am wrong or right.

3D printers are being shown.

Pope Francis at the Manils International Bookfair

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