Thursday, September 25, 2014

Aromateria Rudyard Solid Perfume

I was on the look for a new solid perfume. I love solid perfumes because they are compact and don't spill inside your bag.

A few months ago I lost a Lush's Dirty Solid perfume after eating at McDonalds with friends. It was quite expensive but what is lost is lost. So I went back to looking for a new perfume at lush stores. Sadly they don't have the solid perfume I was looking for. I've tried their branches at Shangri-Land two at Makati.

So I implored the help of google for where to buy solid perfumes. And maybe look for an cheaper alternative.

I saw that there is this thing called Aromateria. It looks promising for just Php 250.00. So I headed to this store at Makati. It's one store that intimidates me. Everything in it looked expensive and rare. I saw the perfume quickly and sniffed at the ones they have. I went to work buying the one named Rudyard.

Aromateria's Rudyard is bamboo, sandalwood and incense. It also suits the smell I was looking of organic, earthy and natural. Not too fake or too musky.

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