Monday, September 22, 2014

A tribute to my boss: Ms Rachel Kim

For Ms. Rachel Kim

I met her for the first time when I was called by my former office mates. She was introduced as Ms. Kim, or Ms. Rachel Kim. They said she was a bit serious about work and indeed she is.

She took her job seriously for me she seemed too much focused on work and not on living. I really don't know her and we really never talk that much. Maybe because I was afraid that she will say something offensive. She does intimidate me a lot but I respect her dedication to work and making sure calls have quality.

She came like a storm at times reprimanding me about this and that. I was new and my training was just for two days. I was also out of work for sometime and I feel I lost my touch and dealing with a new account of course is taxing for me. But I just did as I was told.

I was angry at her for reprimanding me of things while her former teachers from Tivoli was doing far worse than me. I fought back by doing my job well and speaking well.

She was said to have had cancer and survived. After sometime I really faced the fact that she was my boss. I just told myself that she is my boss and that's it. We are here just using each other for money and that is that. Still I respected her for her hard work.

A few months ago her voice suddenly was lost. She had a hard time speaking. I thought it was just  some problem like sore throat. But days became weeks and her voice never came back.

I never told anyone of what I think of her despite my frustrations at times out of the fact that she was my boss and she has done nothing wrong to me at all.

Oh I forgot, she stated to notice that our team from another company was doing quite well. We never ask questions and we just do what is told of us. Meanwhile those people she used to work with used that fact that they were co-workers before as an excuse to be abusive. I often hear them talking at her back. I told myself I will never go down that level. I am not cheap.

These people from Tivoli are the worst kind of people ever. I bet if Ms. Kim heard all their words she would cry. I felt bad for that and that made me wonder.

There was a time my TL went to Hongkong for a week I guess. She was also gone of the company. Seeing as there are no cats around the assholes from Tivoli acted like they would but in a bigger sense. Monday came and we have a new manager. I was socked. I was told Ms. Rachel quit. Why? I have no idea. I never dared asking questions.

I am that guy. I don't ask questions. If you tell me then great. Don't tell me, fine.

Then a few days ago after Chuseok we were told that she died. I was shocked. Wow, she is gone. What a terrible idea! I wish was able to thank her. I did try to thank her for accepting me by doing my work well. But it would have been nice saying, Thank you, Ms. Rachel.

After sometime the AM team being who they are decided to wear all white and to offer balloons for Ms. Kim. That is what I was told about the balloons at the one of the rooms we occupy in the building. I say that was nice.

I had my dinner early that time and team Tivoli was busy talking about Ms. Kim. They said it was for Ms. Kim and all that drama.

I was irritated by their fake words. One said, "Hey we should do this for Ms. Kim." And there was the classic, "I will tell Ms. Kim."

For me that was cruel, just fucking cruel. To fake something in honor of a dead person is one of the worse things ever. I was so sorry for Ms. Kim for being with such fake people. I was also sorry that she wasn't able to do her job as she wanted to. She wanted to build a good company and she poured her and soul into it

So in this little post I honor her and thank her. Thanks Ms. Rachel Kim.

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