Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fipronil to solve all your pests problems (not just for pests on your pets)

Ascend's Fipronil
Image from Pinoy Atheist
Just sharing this information to you guys. Many of you are aware of the price of Frontline as a means to get rid of pests with you cats and dogs.

I am sorry but there is a cheaper way of dealing with pests in our beloved pets. It's called fipronil and is the same chemical found in our expensive Frontline or what have you.

You can actually buy a big bottle (about a liter) and dilute 20% od fipronil with 80% cooking oil (yes cooking oil but use vegetable oil and not olive oil)

Is it safe for pets? Of course its in your frontline. Where can you buy it? Amazingly in agricultural stores because the chemical is a good pesticide. I also use it to get rid of roaches and ants and other insects at home.lif

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