Sunday, September 14, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Classes suspended (A worker's rant)

It has been raining like a lot these September 14, 2014. I just came from a meetup in Makati and decided to go to Cubao to buy some knitting looms. I thought after my short trip to that place I will be going home without rain. I was with a friend and I decided that he take the umbrella that was given to us by a good hearted Freethinker.

Now as I write this and dry myself at home because apparently the rains have no qualms on stopping. It just rains and then drizzles and rains again.

Students are on their knees and their prayers were answered. They don't need to go to work. (Suspension of classes can be read here.) But I don't study anymore and as a worker I am no longer human. I have accepted that fact a long time ago.

Then again I hear the people rant on Facebook about how bad the system is on the slow announcement of school suspension. Now they have the news they should be happy. But not me.

As a non-human worker in a company, I need to go to work. I don't want to miss work just because of water even as high as me. I need to work. I don't want to be out of work because I fear for my students if they have to deal with other English teachers in my company. I fear for them.

There are pictures on Facebook that refer to students as waterproof and workers are immortals. I hate the sound of immortals. It sounds like a stupid show you would watch on primetime at ABS-CBN starring the latest abomination in acting with a cast of roles that should have died a long time ago.

I would rather use the term non-human because it sounds nicer and smarter. We may not be humans anymore but at least we still deserve some respects.

Pag may bagyo
Pre-school =Tao
Elementary = Tao
High School = Tao
College = Isda
Worker = Non-human
Now I can also use non-living because robots are non-living things as well. Good luck to me on my work and hope it doesn't really flood and the MRT has no fucking excuse to cut suspend operations.

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