Saturday, September 20, 2014

37th Anniversary of the Philippine Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

It's been years since I have been to the Philippine Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (PRID). I graduated here when I was in college. I remember it was in sophomore years. We were also the ones who were able to finish the whole course with just Basic, Intermediate, Level I, Level II and Level III. 

PRID takes pride as the only institution that grants License to Interpreters in the Philippines. The office is located within the compounds of the historic Philippine School for the Deaf.

I went in with my friend to document the whole event. We arrived on time and we were welcomed at the registration booth.

The place has changed a lot and its nice to see that they are now covered. There are lots of new faces and I didn't see my batch mates or even classmates.  I know most of my teachers are abroad and there are new staffs in the office. I wonder if Rhea also went abroad. The one who sent me the letter is unfamiliar. But at least they tried to pull of an event like this.

Since the program started a bit late me and my friend looked around at the booths they have. Some are selling souvenirs and while most are selling food and drinks.

One particular interest are the art of Jose dela Cruz. He is deaf and is one of the teacher's of the Philippine School for the Deaf.

The program is very typical of any government event especially one that is related to public school. We started late with the usual beginnings like prayers and the National anthem.

The program emcees are Shirley Earnhart and Chit Bugayong.

Here Mrs. Margarita Capadocia, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PRID welcomes and formally starts the event.

The Board of Directors are introduced as well as the trainers, deaf assistants and guests also the graduates of PRID who have come to celebrate its 37th Anniversary.

Here is Jose dela Cruz signing an old song called, "Welcome to my world." OMG! What a boring song to be performed. I feel bad that his performance is just limited to this kind of music. I am also feeling a bit frustrated with the bad taste most public school teacher has for music.

The highlight of the event for me is this thing called Mobile Training Program. I was excited on what technology are they going to use to give training to potential interpreters that cannot go to Manila. I was terribly wrong there was no technology. It is just a simple thing of sending trainers and evaluators to increase the number of interpreters outside Manila.

As far as I remember they have training happening at the following places: Pampanga and Camarines Norte.

There were volunteers and trainers who shared their experience of the program from those actual location sites. Honestly those talks were quite dragging and boring. You know like listening to the rants of a person calling FM radio about their fucking love life.

I think they need an upgrade into the post-modern condition we are into and leave all those 80's and older music behind.

Here we are given an interesting performance of two deaf dancing nicely to music. Again the choice of music is quite limiting, it's "I Can" by Regine Velasquez et all. God I hate this whatever outfit that people put on public school and Churches. Don't really get it.

The fresh act was that of AMO-PDM (erraneously called AMM-PDM by the host) when they peformed Happy. At least something to break the monotony of feel good music that public teachers like.

There is another song performance honestly I didn't care anymore about the songs. Another feel good religious song.

Then we get to practice some signing with a song. Everyone was invited to sign "I have a dream." Yes they took the old version. It would have been fun to have a newer version. But again maybe they have not yet learned the art of downloading from the internet. May their God teach them technology rather stand just praying for everything.

Anyways it was fun signing again despite my complaints and I tell you I don't really feel bad but the experience as a whole is quite relaxing. No need to hurry just wait for everything to be done over with.

I think this is the moment we were asked to sign an unfamiliar song "Tow hands, One Heart." And yes you have guessed it. It's another religious song. Also some of the speakers I would say have used the name of God in vain. I mean to use the words and similar sounding terms is just one way of devaluing the name of God. You don't just throw away or say things like that. It's just another lip service I say.

In here Fr. Luke from CSB gives some words for everyone. Don't ask me I don't remember a thing he said.

So there is one day with the PRID. I am thinking of going back again next year. I hope my other classmates would come.

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