Monday, September 8, 2014

Bench's #NakedTruth or just another flesh show

The male bulge at Bench's Naked Truth

Let's face it guys. Bench's #NakedTruth is nothing but an excuse for the company to parade naked men on the ramp. You say girls? They are just added there so that the event doesn't get the gay label.

Look at all the publicity and you know who the target market is of this show. For a brand that deals with both men and women there seems to be a monopoly on the male bulge especially down there.

Bench has been doing this kind of show and is closely followed by the LGBT community, the same community who like fashion so much.

I think there is nothing wrong with naked men even with their dicks out in the air. I wish that could happen in this hypocritical culture of ours.

My friend asked a store on how much the tickets are and it costs about Php 2,500 worth of denims or underwear you need to buy from their store.

I love Bench products for being good and affordable but sometimes the show of too much male flesh is just disturbing. Sorry my Catholic up bring comes up once in a while. Or I'll be happier if both male and female model gets the same billboards and advertisement.

Try this simple thing search on google Bench Naked Truth and you will see tons of naked men. Women? Almost non-existent.

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