Monday, September 8, 2014

Welcome to the Christian world!

Welcome to the Christian world!

Often that is the post on Facebook when a person is baptized. Since I am Catholic and I live in the Philippines, it is very likely that that child is now Catholic. But somehow I feel sad for this child and many other children who are forced to be in a belief before being able to decide about it.

In the Philippines babies are required like a rite of passage into life to be baptized. Parents will be busy preparing and making sure the party is a blast. Pinoys love parties and eating and will make sure to have one prepared even if they have no idea why they have to do it anymore.

With the changes brought by Pope Benedict XVI into the canon law. It is no longer possible to have yourself defected from the Church. Although many people still believe that ex-communication just means the same.

We are taking the right of a person to decide on what to believe just because we have what we think as the right belief.

So please stop baptizing children and save them from indoctrination.

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