Wednesday, June 25, 2014

She's Dating the Gangster: The devaluation of what the word gangster means

From the same site that gave us the novel and the coming movie 50 Shades of Grey now Filipinos have tried their best at writing their own novels which I think is good.

But then we have this coming movie adopted from a book named, She's Dating the Gangster starring none other than the King of of all jejemons and people who have ugly pronunciation of English and Filipino (In this case I think Coco Martin as the prince. lol)

So many people on Facebook tried to correct the mistake on the title of the movie. Because we know what the word gangster mean and what they are showing is not even ... I have no idea what they are showing and proving with this movie.

According to the dictionary gangster means:

gang·ster [gang-ster]
a member of a gang of criminals, especially a racketeer.

So clearly what is shown in the poster doesn't look what the standard definition says. I have reposted the pictures and tagged Star Cinema but I know my efforts will be in vain since most probably the shooting for this idiotic movie maybe on going or to my horrors already finished.

This might be another of those the movie is ugly compared to the book and maybe the book will be looked down upon because of this movie. The same that have happened with the Twilight Saga books.

Now I have more reason not to ever watch movies from Star Cinema or even Pinoy movies. I rather watch movies from India and Thailand even without the subtitle.

Come on guys, simply because its Pinoy I should watch it. We should watch a movie because it is good. FUCK that Pinoy pride and talent bullshit.

Want more shit? Here is the trailer.


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