Saturday, June 21, 2014

I lost my phone, going back to the old one

I just lost my phone today. So there goes all my contacts and at the same time all the songs and pictures that are in my micro SD.

But at least that gives me a clean slate and if people really need me they will exhaust all means just to contact me. I lost all the new photos I took from FEU and from the Heritage Postal Tour.

Well I may try out using the old one but at least I can buy a new phone again and some SIM cards.

I was of course furious with myself for being stupid. I never put my phone on my bag or anything when I am out. So I learned something today and made a blog entry.

Quiapo is such an annoying place at times when I think of it. Or was it the stupid meet-up that caused everything. Maybe I should blame that stupid meet-up.

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