Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 4, 2014 the Korean local elections

A Confucian scholar, wearing traditional attire, gets out of a booth to cast his ballots in local elections at a polling station in Nonsan, South Korea, Wednesday, June 4, 2014. Voting started at more than 13,660 polling stations at all over the nation for the quadrennial local elections. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

Today June 4, 2014 South Korea held their local elections and despite the tragedy at Sewol and the angry mothers who still grieve their sons and daughters.

Like with their previous elections there were no gunning, killings and dangerous acts by politicians their followers. Words were exchanged but no people were killer or have gone nuclear on national TV.

Despite the fact that many Korean do not trust the government and the quite low voter turn out it was a pretty good election with many places.

But the amazing thing is that they were able to know the results within the day.

I really dream of that happening in the Philippines. A safe and yet fast elections. The problem in the Philippines is that we have so much celebrities, famewhores and fucking politicians.

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