Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's June 2014

May is gone and my birthday is done. I have to wait another year for the stress of being happy comes again. I started my month at Rizal Park perspiring myself on the great outdoors at behind the back of Rizal.

We are in the middle of the month and school is going to start once more for many students. Somehow I feel bad on how my life has become and how I have lost so much.

I feel like a candle that is consuming its own fire. Everyday I lose hope and think that I just have a work to do and that's it.

I still hope to win the lottery or maybe for the inspiration to come so that I can leave all these things behind and start all over again. Maybe fly and never come back.

But those are just hopes like the rain that seems to come and go. All vanity it is.

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