Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rainy summer (May 2014)

Yesterday I got drenched in rain. I was walking along Evangelista when suddenly it rained. I usually raech my so called fake home before 12.

I was almost past the police station when it started to drizzle. I needed tl walk faster but the further I got away the bigger the drops went until it was pouring hard when I reached the bridge.

I had to stop. now I am wet. It sucks to be wet while at the same time being tired. I waited a few more minutes will I was able to continue walking. I arrived home wet and tired.

I also broke my glasses so I started repairing it while online. Like all days the lights were turned off at where I sleep. Then the lights went out completely. Now this is hell, no lights, proper air and without sight. I felt so pissed and angry but I can't do anything about it.

I started to hate the rains once more. It's a fucking curse. The lights went out for almost all morning long. I waited in vain in sweat and in anger. That is one tiring morning. The lights came at around 3 am I guess.

I was tired that I fell asleep fast.

Today as I was going home the rain has started to fall in Ortigas. Here comes the rain again and it will wash away all my dreams and bring in bad tidings.

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