Thursday, May 22, 2014

Books and more books at the Cubao Warehouse sale of NBS (May 15 to May 18, 2014)

There are a handful of reasons on why I get up early in the morning. Mostly it's something related to my hobbies or I just accidentally said yes to a commitment without even thinking. 

sales are one of those shallow things I enjoy even though most of the time I end up buying nothing. Most of the time I really go to sales and end up with nothing because the sale sucks or there is nothing really there to buy. 

I went up early on a payday just to buy postcards. I am not really planning to buy a lot since I still got lots of postcards from last time. 

So I got up on the train and I just woke up a bit late but I still have time with me. And I arrived there at past 9 AM. 

There were already some people here and there but the crowd number is manageable for me. I hate huge crowds.

There were lots of school supplies though despite being old stock would be good for parents and students.

The prices are quite good and often times way cheaper than expected but again some of the really cheap ones are really quite dusty and old. Something that you might not even read anymore but will just buy for its collector's value.

Despite some of the interesting titles I saw I never had the urge to buy anything since I wasn't able to see postcards. There was actually none.

Some of the books are so dusty you can feel something weird when you touch them.

Another problem I had with this sale is that at around 10 people are still unpacking the books into empty shelves. Something they should have done like hours before opening.

In the end I bought nothing at all. Well I will just have to wait for the next National bookstore warehouse sale.

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