Saturday, May 24, 2014

Breaking the barriers of rich people's hang out (Pets, rich people and some hampaslupa)

Market Market or the area where people often go to when they get bored on SM Megamall, North, Ayala Malls and a place somewhere North or that good old place in Greenhills.

We took jeeps from Rizal Park to go to Market Market! I and my friends got so serious with talking that we passed the area and had to come back again.

The place comes in hierarchies from the lowest level in Market Market to High Street.

We reached the high levels of High Street by breaking barriers that prevent poor people from getting here. lolz

Most of the stalls are actually empty this last day. I don't know what happened to PETA and CARA. But at least one stall stays with their cats.

There is a long display of aquarium gardens. I was told that this is the new fad because the set up needed is quite expensive. I was like boring...

Then there are chickens, birds, and similar animals with even rabbits and others. CUTE!

Then we have fighting fish now called Betta. why and when did they become called something like those old BETA players most of the old people now know. Another long line of boring fishes.

Honestly I don't like how each of the fishes and animals are all clumped up together. You will just lose interest in each animal of display as you go along especially in this heat of the sun.

We went around the area first just to make sure if the other stalls will just come late. We went to Fully booked and saw their huge art display as well as the new Tintin store. That Tintin store is fucking expensive.

After that we went back to see that nothing has changed since we came. So sooner or later we left the place.

I don't like going to Bonifacio Global City. It's like a place that is just exclusive and so fake. There are nice places but it presents itself as something an anti-capitalist would really hate.

Animals are cute but the Pet Expo is something that I think PETA should condemn and I was surprised to see them with a booth there. Such hypocritical PETA people.

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