Saturday, May 3, 2014

Facebook profile pic or just another warning?

There was a time when pictures of suspected pick-pockets and robbers were just posted on the police stations of the offices in most malls. I have seen them for sometime in the LRT line 1 most of the time.

I am not sure if people look at them or even wonder who these people are. Honestly I don't trust that these were actual pictures of petty criminals at all. As you can see some of them actually look like Facebook or even Twitter profile pictures.

Most of them don't look nice at all. Like most of the pictures we have online but there seems to be some pictures of people who just make me go WHAT? You actually posed that way as a criminal?

Well I can't blame them. Even our politicians have their pictures all over the place as if they were fucking saints.

Also be careful of your profile pictures someone may have already taken them and then posted you as a pickpocket. lolz

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