Thursday, May 1, 2014

How to buy stamps at the PHLPost? (A step by step guide into hell)

Buying and collecting stamps is like an adventure you take as you go to hell. In other countries you just go through a window ask for a stamp you want then pay them.

We are Filipinos and we take stamp buying to higher new level of stress.

So here you are wanting to buy the latest over priced and ill designed stamps from the PLHPost. You went to the nearest Post Office just to find out that the copies are in the Main Office. So much for convenience and you wonder why people don't go to local Post Offices. You are also mystified on how rude most of the people who handle the philatelic section.

So you go the Lawton to buy your stamps midst the crumbling structures of the Park and Ride and the equally stinky building called the Metropolitan Theater. You try your best not to be hit by passing cars because we all know there is no really safe way or even a pedestrian lane to go the Manila Central Post Office.

Now you survived the cars and jeeps as you head to the living quarters, I mean the lovely, oh my place where the statue of Bonifacio stands as well as the fountain that serves as a water supply to the many people who have considered this place sacred and home.

You walk past the security because they need to check NOTHING on your bag. You got NOTHING so you move along. Now as an idiot you don't know where to buy your stamps. You ask someone and you are pointed towards the e-Shop.This is one e-shop that is not online.

Now you are safe from the smoldering heat of the Philippine weather. You see its a big place with little to offer. You ask for the expensive stamps and they tell you they don't have it. You are then ushered into another door made of wood. Actually its looks more like an old storage warehouse with tables and chairs and lots of cabinets.

You ask again the people for the stamps. They tell you that what you are looking for is not on sale there. Yes that Mario game shit that the princess is in another castle. You are then asked to go to the Marketing Department or what have you on the third floor.

Another security table is situated on the base of the stairs. But you just need to pass that one. I have no idea why the fuck do they need another security at those damned stairs?

Any ways you go past those creatures and go to the third floor. If you don't know the Marketing department no one will tell you there is not even a decent sign. Oh but there is I think. A small plaque on the door.

So the adventure goes into the Marketing department. Now you have to go to the second floor of the department. No one will ever fucking tell you that. You are really on your own here. Take this as a game you play where you just go to through random rooms just to find what you are looking for.

On the second floor you wonder if you went into a convent or an office. No one will say here is the fucking place you buy those over priced stamps. Nothing. Nada.

Until one of the people there notices an idiot standing and finally asks, "What the fuck are you doing here?" You respond by saying you ant to buy stamps. You are then assisted like an idiot you are to a person who sells those priced stamps.

You then wait because there are some people are buying tons of stamps like a lot. Some people bring in thousands of money while the idiot you has only a few hundreds. Their transaction takes ages because they have to make chika and all. So you wait with all the God given patience you have been given.

So far the lady selling the stamps have to records everything she sells. Actually this is just another bullshit of the system. They say this will avoid and will prevent hoarders from speculating the value of the stamps. We all know those hoarders and the owner of a Philippine stamp site get their VIP ways.

Now its time to buy your stamps because you just got a few hundreds only get a few of the stamps. Now a new system of bullcrap is employed. You get your FDC like an Ikea furniture. It's not yet complete. And you think the travel is done it's not yet. So she lists all the stamps you bought in a hurried manner like the way your fucking doctor gives you meds that will make you more sick. You gave your precious few pesos as payment and you go to another guy to assemble your FDC.

You have wait for another time as the sticker and the stamp dries on your FDC. And you sitting there like a duck in a hunting game. People come and also have their FDCs made and boy they do get a lot. I know most of these fuckers are sellers as well. Damn us who are just poor collectors who just want to enjoy philately.

Now its all dry. You have your own overpriced stamps that nobody really cares about since we know that philately is almost dead thanks to the PHLPost.

But there is good news. You have to do this every time a new stamp is released. Now ain't that fun?

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