Saturday, May 3, 2014

The religious privilage (the excuse to build this and that)

Once we start giving favor to religion we would soon need to give favor to all religions. That is the usual excuse used by other religions that is not Catholic in the Philippines.

It is not hard to find in any building even government buildings structures and altars by Catholics. You can have the boy Jesus called the Sto. Nino and her mother all over the place. Sometimes it makes you wonder if you went into a Church or what.

No one is bothered by this and so now the Muslims are also using the same arguments used by the Catholics. They also want their own sacred place.

I am quite OK with Catholics because most of their places of worship can also be places of art. Statues are beautiful and many chapels are places of solitude and relaxations like the one at SM Megamall.. I go there to rest my feet and get away from the noise of the mall. The blaring sounds and people talking about buying this and that.

Islam is different case. We know for starters that Islam is not a religion of peace. Most of the regular Muslims are quite good but turn and say something about their religion they will go nuclear with you.

I saw a Muslim prayer room at the PHLPost and my heart sinks bad. I was thinking this is bad. They have a Muslim cooperative in the PHLPost and now they have given them a prayer room as well.

If my memory serves me right. Muslims have already taken over the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation. I will not be surprised if they soon ask that their Sharia law be also respected.

We need to stop this take over of Muslims in Manila.

I don't want my right be taken away by Muslims or any other religion. And I would also like other people to have their freedom as well.

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