Saturday, May 24, 2014

Another year of nothingness (May 26, 2014 musings)

I hate birthdays and the idea of celebrating your being old. Why the fuck should I be happy that I am older? Why would I have party where people I don't like would come and eat?

How about presents and stuff? If people want to give you something they should I should be thankful for that. Now with the advent of facebook and social media there are no more personal greetings. You will get posts on your wall starting from the naive Happy birthday to the lifeless HBD.

People will vary their idiocy to the point of saying Happy Beerday as if you want to pour alcohol on them and watch them burn.

I don't see why it is wrong to be grumpy on your birthday or to be even sad. I wish people stop their happy crap and don't ram it on other people's life the way they want their stupid beliefs inside your ass.

So please spare me the empty words and just fucking leave me alone. That is the best present I want.

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