Saturday, April 5, 2014

Car shows and the Objectification of women

There is really nothing bad with car shows. I think they are just another way a man enjoys his life and money. The car is one technology that never changed much except with the design and its ever increasing value for money.

I am not a car fan but if people like cars Fine by me. Some cars are really beautiful in and of itself.

My problem arises with women being shown beside cars. I mean these pretty women no matter how covered they are has just one purpose. They are there to make the men think that having such and such a car will get me this kind of women.

You know, the ones that you can just fuck and then forget. These women have no idea what these cars can do or even make a presentation of what this or that car has over other cars. Nothing.

Those women are there as marketing objects. I don't like the idea of women being objectified in anyway. That is what I learned about being such a radical asshole.

I will end with this nice quote: are like toys, women are like toys too! Particularly unsubtle use of objectification of women as a sales tactic (source: here)

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