Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pope Francis Stamps (Philippine Issue)

Pope Francis or Mario Bergoglio is the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church. And after a year of being a Pope The Vatican issues a stamp bearing his image. The Philippines also issues a similar stamp. But the Philippines being itself wanted something different, and thank God the Vatican didn't agree to the ugly design made by the Philpost and asked the souvenir sheets destroyed.

This Friday morning after a few days of talk and discussion on facebook about the stamps and also after the many request for copies fro ITALY. I went to the Post Office in Manila awaiting the stamp launch. I was also wondering which Church official was there.

To my surprise there was nothing, not even a prayer was uttered. There were no guys in gowns. NOTHING. I went to the Philatelic section and asked but before I was to open my mouth I was told I can go to the Marketing Department on the 3rd floor.

I went to the third floor and there was the stamp just being sold just like that. I was like, "OK, then what?" I have seen sellers and dealers buy thousand of pesos of stamps, FDCs and envelops.

I wonder even if these stamps will reach every part of the country, most probably other collectors from those not in Metro Manila will not even see the actual stamps unless they buy from dealers.

Anyways here is the picture I took.

Philippine - Vatican Joint Issue for Pope Francis

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