Saturday, March 22, 2014

My first spa experience

It was my first try and as a private person I feel so unnatural about people touching me. That is why I opted for a foot spa because I think its the only place where I can be OK with people touching me. Massages are a nightmare to me since I am such a ticklish person and the shit they put on your body smells like the shit the Chinese put on their bodies when they are sick.

Sorry but that is just an honest opinion and I have no other way of putting the experience in other words or context.

The process for me looks like washing your clothes by hand.

First your feet are put in warm water.

Then your feet are put under the soap in a machine for 20 minutes. The water they used most of the time is warm. Their machine makes a lot of bubbles which they keep at bay with a squirt bottle.

I wonder at this time about the idea of soaking your feet in water just to make it soft later. There are rollers and I played with them.

After the soaping process, my feet gets another clean up of warm water.

The kind lady puts a scrub on my feet. You knows scrubs its like putting sand in your regular liquid soap or shower gel.

Now the filing starts, its a good thing my callouses are not that thick compared to other people. She made sure most of them are out.

She feels her hand at my feet to make sure that everything is smooth and ask questions about pain or discomfort.

The last part was putting mud on my feet, as they say will soften the skin.

Then it was another warn water to clean the mud out. I have no idea what kind of mud they used as long as its not sea stuff from other stores. I don't want to smell like an anchovies cunt.

If you are a guy, you must also give yourself some pampering of a foot spa.

I got mine from a beauty salon in SM Megamall. I forgot the name of the store but I will be back to write more about them.

NOTE: See I am proud to use my own money rather than relying on freebies like most bloggers out there.

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