Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Brace yourselves for the MMFF 2013

Every Christmas time here in the Philippines you are forced to watch Filipino moives. Moives from other countries are banned. In paper this should be a good idea but its a rather authoritarian. Most of the movies on the list are not even owrth seeing even on free TV.

Of course holiday here in the Philippines is an excuse to waste money even on trivial things like stupid movies.

So what movies are on the MMFF (Metromanila Film Festival)? Here is the list

1: 10,000 hours (Looks like a boring movie to me starring Robin Padilla, I expect a lot of lame acting with this one.)
2. Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy (Vice Ganda et al another movie to bash and make fun of the LGBT community.)
3. Kimidora: Ang Kyemeng Prequel (The new movie that seems never to end despite the ugly script.)
4. My Little Bossings (Another Enteng Kabisote rip-off with annoying robot called Bimby. If this was a solo movie with just Ryzza MAe it would have at least some decency.)
5. Kaleidoscope World (Next!)
6. Pedro Calungsod Ang Batang Martir (Why would I watch a movie about a saint whose story is based on anecdotal records? and knowing how script writers work?)
7. Golden Boy (I saw JV Ejercito's name and I go never mind.)

See where you will be wasting your precious money on? I say think and watch movies before December 25 a time where most Filipino families go out and celebrate.

I am glad that there is no Enteng Kabisote, Panday and Shake Rattle and Roll shit that is played every fucking year.

Again I tell you if you respect yourself please do watch decent movies. The sad fact is that they are so rare here in the Philippines and please don't tell me about indie moives. They are as crap as the regular ones.

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