Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Washi Tape in Divisoria

It's been a craze with many hobbyist and crafty people. The problem is that some sellers are just trying to sell to only the select few. Fear not dear washi tape lovers!

You can buy washi tape at Divisoria. You can check the whole place and it's there (from 168 to Tutuban Center). And the best thing is when you buy a lot the chance for discount is just so easy.

Usually you can buy three tapes for a hundred. But if you are really good with haggling the price can still go down. There are lots of designs to chose from. There are really cheap tapes but I wouldn't recommend you getting that. The washi tape I got says they are from Korea.

I like to put washi tapes on my postcards!

I also bought an alphabet stamp set

I had an obsession wit words on washi

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