Thursday, October 24, 2013

My only Halloween frustration: Candy corn

Where are the candy corns here in Manila?
We are not talking about going to the cemeteries and the stress of everything there. That is beyond me after all these years. With my relatives completely disowning me, I feel no need to go to the cemeteries for the stress of other people. Don't we all get enough of them.

I was able to experience candy corn when I was young. I was hooked to it but as an adult I have this need to have them. So far going through candy stores and groceries, no candy corn. #WTF!

I could make my own but that is just not me. I am lazy and the thing about candies is that they should be easy to obtain and it would be a lot of work just to make candy corns.

If you know where to get candy corns please comment below.

This would make my Halloween memorable.

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