Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fuck you Bureau of Customs

An officemate of mine received a game console as a gift from a friend abroad. I am assumings its the US. Before he asked me when will he get the slip that is needed to get his stuff. I said just talk to your postman or the maybe to the guard at your village.

So this Friday he came late and pissed about his gift. He said he is going to call his friend abroad not to send him a game console. Because he had to pay for his gift at Php 1,300 .00+

I don't understand where does the Customs in the Philippines get their logic or brains at all. It seems they just want to suck the joy of a gift from you like a dementor. .

I'll start with my experience. I swapped a magazine from Japan (that was just a catalogue) and I was charged by the Custom retards with Php 150.00. But my friend was just robbed.

Ano bang pag-fefeeling ito? (What is with this attitude?)
Paki-explain. (Please explain.)

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