Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

Happy 67th Independence Day Philippines! July 4, 1946 The Great North American Nation Declared Philippine Independence. - Mideo Cruz on Facebook

Independence Day is one boring thing to even celebrate as Filipinoes try to remember the day their great American friend thought it was right to give these people the right of their own after they have raped the country of some of its resources and some more. Planting in their minds how great a nation and a culture America has.

Well fast forward to 2013 and we are getting worse everyday. The steets reek of urine, trash and shit. The city seems to be crumbing under the too much heat and humidity of the weather. But what can a person like me who lives on minimum wage and had to pay for rent do? I am a bit lucky compared to some people and yet I feel so shitty about my life every time my friends on Facebook post about the things they buy and the places they have seen. Life is so unfair at times but I can't blame that on life but more on myself. Why can't I dream like I used to? Why can't I get a better job and earn more?

Anyways, I don't believe in the crap we celebrate every June 12th or even the one we used to celebrate on July 4th. We all know we are still slaves to the American mentality and comsumerism.

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